Heart Rate Clock

Advisor:  Jeff Feddersen/Mimi Yin
Designer:  Yi-Chun, Lan


3D printing


The Heart Rate Clock is a poetic journey into the intricate interplay between our bodies, our life rhythms, and the flow of time. With three sets of numbers on the screen, it evokes a mesmerizing dance that echoes the unique pulse of each individual's heart.

As your heart beats, the clock's hands move in fluid synchronicity, evoking the fleeting nature of our existence. The pulse sensor captures the subtle nuances of your body's response, translating them into a personal display of time flows that are as unique as your heartbeat.

Through this interactive display, the Heart Rate Clock invites us to embrace the delicate beauty of our existence. It inspires us to reflect on the dynamics of our physiology, the rhythms of our life, and the ever-changing nature of time.

With each passing moment, the Heart Rate Clock reminds us of the wonder and mystery of life, and invites us to savor every fleeting moment of our journey.

How it function

The heart rate clock can be divided into two parts. The black box with three green lights is the input of the device, which consists of three pulse sensors and a 3D-printed outer box. Pulse sensors can detect subtle color changes in the microvessels of the user's fingertips to obtain the heartbeat rate.

The other part is output, which is three sets of time on the screen. I import the data received by the sensors into p5.js to manipulate the speed of time. In terms of visual performance, after I tried the pointer-type clock and the digital type, I changed how the electronic clock travels so that the user can more clearly observe the difference in the speed of time.

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