Huang Fei Hong gift box design

— package design

Design Director:   Chiao-Wei, Ho
Date:  2021  @digital medicine lab


In the past, Huang FeiHong used product quality as the main feature in their marketing strategy and promoted the fact that the local latitude and longitude are suitable for planting large and good quality peanuts. In addition, they took a classic Sichuanese tableside condiment as the platonic ideal of snack food. They made their peanuts with herbal waves of flavor from dried chiles and the citrusy tingle of Sichuan peppercorns.

Design Approach & Concepts

In the Spring Festival project, we investigated the factors influencing consumers to buy products during the Chinese New Year. We found that most people care more about the festive atmosphere, happiness, and whether it can be shared with family and friends. So, we have adjusted the marketing strategy for this project. We tried to maintain the product features and came up with an auspicious word: 大吉大利 (Big peanuts, Big luck.)

At the same time, we produced a series of New Year packaging and peripheral products, which contained the red envelope, tissue box, and wine blind box. These peripheral products can give the brand more exposure during the festival. At the same time, the wine blind box also provides a more active marketing method and familiarizes consumers with new scenarios.


The most exciting thing is that the printing volume of the gift box was initially processed according to the printing volume of previous years, and then it was found that the inventory soon was not enough.

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