OKLAO Coffee:
Rebranding + E-commerce Web Design

  • Welcome to OKLAO, a branding redesign and demonstration of various web development technologies and features combined to create an e-commerce platform. 

My Role
Brand Designer
UI Developer
Design Tool
Figma/ illustrator/ photoshop
Development Tool
React.js / Express.js /  Firebase / Firebase Authenticatio / Firebase Storage / React-Dom / Stripe API

  • Section ① 

    Web Development Feature

  • 1. User Authentication:
  • Login and Logout functionality using Firebase Authentication.

  • 2. Shopping Cart Feature: 
  • Add products to the cart and remove them.

  • 3. Payment:
Secure payment processing with Stripe API integration.

  • 4. Responsive Design:
Mobile-first, adaptive layout using CSS media queries for optimal viewing on any device.

To get started, follow these steps to set up your testing account:

Option 1: Create a Test Account

Click on "Sign Up" on the demo website. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a unique account using your email and a secure password.
Option 2: Use the Shared Testing Account

Account: testtest@gmail.com
Password: 123456Testing
Card NUmber : 5555 5555 5555 4444

  • Section ②

    Rebranding Feature

  • Our goal was to create a dynamic atmosphere and attract younger customers to Oklao, a Taiwan-based coffee brand. To achieve this, we focused on designing a modern and energetic visual identity that would resonate with this demographic.

    The rebranding process involved developing a new logo, selecting visually appealing typography, and establishing a cohesive brand style. By emphasizing contemporary design elements and a lively color palette, we aimed to transform Oklao into a go-to destination for younger customers seeking a unique and engaging coffee experience.

Website and Logo before

  • Rebranding Result

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