Until the Night is Tender

— graphic design

Designer:  Yi-Chun, Lan
Client:  Pin-Chen, Kuo

Theatrical Photography:
Yi-Chun, Lan


This drama script describes the sexual hookup phenomenon in the city. It occurred not only about men and women, but also hearing impaired, dwarf, and transgender in our society. It illustrates the blurred boundaries between good and evil, moral and immoral.

Design requirement and concept

Director tried to use objects as media to express the sensitive activities and emotions in this drama. She regards this scene as the processing of shopping in the hypermarket of contemporary romance. When it comes to visual design, I create the atmosphere like in a market or a playground by the objects she used in the drama. Additionally, I use shapes and pixelation to give some hints about the topic.

Theatrical Production Stills  

photography / Yi-Chun, Lan

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