The Reveries

Advisor:  Marianne R. Petit
Authors: Yi-Chun, Lan / Anna Lin / Michelle Ma
  Sept - Oct ’22 (2 weeks)
Verse by Verse
Photoshop / Illustrator
RISO Printing


The Reveries is an interactive installation that explores the collaboration between multiple artificial intelligence systems in the creation of poetry and imagery. Inspired by synthetic media tools such as DALL·E 2 by OpenAI and NLP (natural language processing) developed by Google, we sought to investigate the co-authorship between different AI models and human creative initiatives. Through this collaboration, we aimed to know what is possible with AI-generated narratives and imagery.

01 | Process: Verse by Verse

Verse by Verse - an AI poem generator. By inputting the first line of the poems of our choice, we were able to generate stunning poetry inspired by great poets such as Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Walt Whitman.

Poem 1

You will know her presence in the half-light,
New flowers upon her yellow head;
Swift as the night and full with the night,
She’ll put the water true.
Making all men as the sea to sea-
She, the signal to my oxygen;
High in the haze of the ecstasy,
Encircle me, and take this hour.
Succor in the dark,
be sun in the

Poem 2

You who were there
and are gone have come back.
Rose the sun like a subtle turbid night;
The water fell asleep in water warm,
Sharing the fire of my first impulse;
Divulge this secrets of that upper heart,
You had to catch me in the public way.
Light as a figure on a single way,
Pastures that walked alone against the ice
Beside the moon tints of purple and pearl,
Hold her own power in a world of pride!

Poem 3

I write you
my tongue mangled on your
A moon was in the convent that flew
Rose the wild starry flame on every shore.

When I beheld her face,
She smiled again her wistful sadness, and that night
Exposed with tender troth, and her disgrace
Lay me in your humble might.

Blue as a loèr lip
Saw the wild eye, the rustic gay,
Doth I of my feel ship,
Soon would she wait on me that day.

02 | Process: DALL·E 2

After generating the content, we also utilized DALL·E 2 and NLP to create variations of these poems and generate style-similar images. These variations were then turned into short animations to further explore and render our idea of a series of AI-generated poetry and imagery.

03 | Process: Riso Printing 

To showcase our work, we opted to use a unique printing method called risography. This approach adds a humanistic temperament to our art installation and highlights a sense of handcrafted creativity that complements the AI-generated content.

04 | Conclusion

In creating The Reveries, we aimed to explore the potential of AI in the creative process while retaining a space for human creativity. We played a curatorial role, selecting the theme, form, and media, and combining the output of different AI artists. Our goal was to integrate and present the content in a cohesive and meaningful way that highlights the collaborative efforts of AI and human artists.

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