The Hidden Girl

book cover design

Design Director:  Chiao-Wei, Ho
Yi-Chun, Lan
Thinkingdom Media Group Ltd.s


This is the Traditional edition in Taiwan. The Hidden Girl and Other Stories includes stories from time-traveling assassins to Black Mirror-Esque tales of cryptocurrency and internet trolling to heartbreaking narratives of parent-child relationships. It explores topical themes from the present and a visionary look at humanity’s future.

Cover Design

Liu Ken's novels differ from ordinary science fiction, delicately depicting people's emotions in different times and situations. Therefore, we also wanted to offer a design in a different shade from typical sci-fi. Instead of using other stories in space, we chose Hidden Girls as the primary visual source. I use lines to describe the iconic red ribbon and the dagger, which can cut space and time. At the same time, it retains the softness of a ribbon and the sharpness of a dagger in shape, outlining their traces as they travel between the two spaces.

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