• High-Five Gloves

In this glove, I incorporated some finger puppet concepts to make the character's blush glow when he is hugging another object.

how it works

The circuit part is very simple. Connect two LED lights in parallel and divide the positive and negative into two palms. Then, the other hand is only responsible for dividing the positive and negative electrodes of the battery to both sides with conductive fabric and thread. So it can become a complete circuit when it holds the other object!

  • Textile Game Controller

Pillow Controller!

I tested the old game “Temple Run“ with this controller,
but the jump part I still use the ↑key on the kwyboard.

General concepts:

Create a giant soft button for scenarios where we normally only use two buttons!
For example, reading e-books and presenting the slides.

Additional uses:

Slack won't go into away mode when sleeping in front of your computer.😂️

how the controller works

Basically, it is a collection of two sets of digital buttons. When the left and right sides are squeezed, the two conductive materials will be brought together to form a complete channel. So, after connecting to the Arduino Nano iot, I can control the left and right keys respectively.