Talk to me! : Echo Mountain Chatbot

An Interactive Chatbot Experience

Yi-Chun, Lan
Date:  2023
API  to LLM (meta/llama-2-70b-chat)


Project summary

"Talk to Me" is a chatbot project that merges the realms of web development and interactive storytelling. This project was developed to create an interactive chat experience to captivate and entertain users , play around the theme of a "mountain echo "  and creative chat with Large Language Model.


❶ Conversational AI & Theme Intergration:

The project centered around the creation of a chatbot named "Mountain." Unlike traditional chatbots, Mountain was designed to mimic the user's responses, creating a novel and intriguing conversational dynamic.

In the technical part, the mountain mixed two ways of response. The first one is about setting a rule to let the bot follow(RiveScript), and the second one is sending a request to the toned language model to get the response!

❷ Interactive Narrative:

The chatbot experience was structured around a playful narrative, where users engage in a dialogue with Mountain, unveiling questions, jokes, and playful surprises along the way.

The chatbot's responses were designed to mimic the user's input, creating an echo effect and infusing humor into the conversation.

↓Talk to Mountain↓