Combination of coding and branding design

Design Director: Chiao-Wei, Ho  
Designer: Guan-Hao, Zhu/Yi-Chun, Lan
Content: Ya-Qing, Yang/Tuan-Ting, Huang
Client: Riverwood
Date: 2021 @ Digital Medicine Lab 

Introduction of Brand Spirit

Our client, RiverWood, believe that every action has the power to affect our society. Like many rivers can form a water system, many trees can develop a forest. Even if only one tributary is changed, the ocean can be affected. The changes may not be noticeable initially, but they will only become a massive force if we persist. As long as we start with ourselves, we will eventually be able to influence others, leading to social change.

Design approach

Because the name of this integrated marketing company comes from the founder's grandfather name. We hope this branding design can also present where different members come from ( expand from family’s name to which land we coes from.) So we did some research about the geographic information system, and find the different menbers homettown, trying to conbine the logo to their hometown.

The images comes from the geographic information system. I redistribute the color of the contour lines and combine them with processing to form a shape that looks like a tree and the water system simultaneously. The dynamic logo can be changed by team member's hometown but still look like a series.

Branding applications

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