Pixel Typeface Generator

Advisor:  Kelli Anderson 
Designer:  Yi-Chun, Lan



In this project, I am exploring the wonderful world of pixel fonts!

As I work on each letter, I love experimenting with different variations and using the matrix to bring each character to life. To really make the font pop, I add subtle differences and playful swings to the position of each pixel, creating a dynamic and unique look.

And that's not all - I've also added a fun twist by allowing users to choose pixels of different sizes, giving the font a slippery and playful feel. It's amazing how small changes can make such a big impact! With each circle variation, the font can take on a whole new personality - from cute, blinking eyes to fluffy clouds. I can't wait for everyone to see how these variables can bring a whole new level of creativity and fun to their design projects.

⬇  Working Prototype!! Type in! ⬇

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