Week 9


ON the class, Jeff’s example works!


Assignments for next class

1. Serial

If you haven’t already, go over the Serial Review Questions. This self-graded quiz covers the material you’ve done so far. You should be able to answer all the questions in it by now. If there are any you’re not sure of, set up office hours with your instructor to discuss your understanding the electronics concepts.

2. Final Project

Come up with a concept for your final project.

To familiar the serial between Arduino and P5, I tried to figure out a simple way to send the signal to p5.

I found this Tutorial that works on Uno, but I got stuck in step 2.

And Anna share the example code in her class! It works!
Basically, the Arduino only does the data output part, and p5 uses the library and Serial function to know the signal, and we assigned a varieble in our sketch.

P5 sketch: https://editor.p5js.org/yichun/sketches/uE8X9n97Q