Week 4


(1) Practice!

This week, I was tired of making some small stuff to get more familiar with controlling the output reaction with the sensor! So I made my pocket monster! He will slightly wave his tail when you are going to touch him!

Things I learn

In this project, I tried to use two LED lights and one servo motor, which needed more power than the Lab practice we did before.

So I used a higher voltage battery to offer the power from pin “5V output” ( when the Nano didn’t connect by USB cable, this pin can also be a Vin.) And I connected the motor’s “+” to the same pin to ensure it was supplied by 5V rather than the 3.3V (output by the Nano.) And the LED used the power output from the Arduino board on the side of the breadboard.

I mainly use the Lab code to control the servo motor. And I also ask Jeff why it works if I replace the “long” with “int.” And I also searched again after class. And I found some people discussing the difference between this definition on this page!


Also want to document some questions about the LED lights. I know I should always use a resistor but wanna know why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work.

Week 4


(2) Halloween

I will cooperate with Hank, and we still discussed about the concept. We talked about that I want to create a machine which can give some candies to the person who interactive with our product.

At the same time, I also want to create some light with my 12V LED board and practice using the boost converter module.