Manufactured Landscape: 

    A real-time collage of landscapes
    sourced from surveillance cameras around the world!
Advisor:  Carrie Wang
Authors: Yi-Chun, Lan


The proliferation of CCTV cameras has led to a widespread sense of surveillance in modern society. While this has raised concerns about privacy and civil liberties, it has also opened up new possibilities for creative expression. In this design work, I sought to harness the power of CCTV cameras to create new and unique landscapes that challenge our perceptions of the world around us.


To create my landscapes, I began by selecting live CCTV footage from various locations around the world. This footage was streamed online, allowing me to capture a real-time view of different environments at any given moment. From there, I used a combination of digital manipulation techniques to experiment with different combinations of scenes. Using tools like layering, blending, and collage, I transformed the raw footage into new and unique landscapes. Finally, I streamed the finished collages online, allowing viewers to experience them in real-time as well.

These cameras are not hacked. All cameras I can access do not have any password protection. They are available to all internet users that use surveillance camera search software and sites. The only solution to make your camera private is to set up a password!

Design Choices

Throughout the process, I made a number of key design choices that shaped the final outcome of my work. For example, I selected footage that showcased a range of different environments, from bustling urban streets to quiet rural landscapes. I also paid close attention to the color palettes of each scene, experimenting with different combinations to create a harmonious overall effect. Additionally, I used different techniques to create different visual effects, such as masking and layering to create a sense of depth and movement.


Through this project, I gained a deeper understanding of the ways in which technology, society, and the environment are interconnected. By manipulating and combining footage from different parts of the world, I was able to create a sense of unity and continuity that transcended geographical boundaries. I also gained insights into the potential for art to be a powerful tool for reflection and introspection, encouraging viewers to consider their own impact on the world around them.

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