Full-Stack Malin+Goetz Clone: An E-commerce Demo

  • Welcome to my Malin+Goetz clone, a demonstration of various web development technologies and features combined to create an e-commerce platform. 

  • Built using React.js, Express.js, Firebase, and Stripe API, this project showcases essential functionalities such as checkout, payment integration, user authentication, and real-time database interaction. 

My Role
UI Developer
React.js / Express.js /  Firebase / Firebase Authenticatio / Firebase Storage / React-Dom / Stripe API
This project was built as a learning exercise and was inspired by MalinGoetz. Special thanks to the developers @CleverProgrammers


  • - Login and Logout functionality using Firebase Authentication.
  • - Add products to the cart and remove them.
  • - Secure payment processing with Stripe API integration.
  • - Neat and clean user interface inspired by Malin+Goetz...

To get started, follow these steps to set up your testing account:

Option 1: Create a Test Account

Click on "Sign Up" on the demo website. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a unique account using your email and a secure password.

Option 2: Use the Shared Testing Account

Let's Get in Touch 🌻
Hey there, I am available for full-time or freelance projects, whether they are remotely or on-site in New York, I'd love to hear from you.