Lan’s Karaoke!

Designer:  Yi-Chun, Lan
Date:  2023

Project summary

Lan's Karaoke is an 3D space for online KTV. This website turns users into microphone avatars, allowing them to sing without the awkwardness of showing their faces. By providing anonymity, the platform also encourages spontaneous conversations and interactions among users.

Key Features

1. Immersive 3D Experience:
The graphic style features a captivating disco ball and dynamic lighting effects with a subtle bloom. These immersive visual enhancements create a vibrant and energetic KTV experience, where the lights evoke a slight blur, adding to the ambiance and excitement.

2. Avatar Transformation:
The anonymity feature adds an element of surprise and curiosity when interacting with other users, fostering a sense of excitement and new connections.

3. Realistic Sound Propagation:
Within the 3D KTV space, the sound propagation mimics real-world physics, where the closer users are to each other, the clearer their voices sound. This realistic audio feature adds depth and authenticity to the virtual KTV experience, letting users enjoy the natural dynamics of conversations and singing as if they were physically together in the same room.