Week 11-14   

From weeks 12-14. we learned the Unreal engine and thought about what we wanted to put into our project( use Cornell Box as a medium to tell some stories!

Week 12: Cornell Boxes / Introduction to Game Engines
Thursday: 11/17/22 | Wednesday: 11/30/22

  • Introduction to the Cornell Box
  • Intro to real-time storytelling in game engines / Unreal Engine:
    • The Editor, Interface, and adding primitives,  Importing assets, creating landscapes, working with objects,
    • Assets, styling, world building, animation in game engines.
  • Assignment(s):
    • The last project in this class will be the creation of a Digital Cornell Box using Unreal Engine. Think about the objects you place in your Cornell Box, what do these objects represent poetically, personally, or metaphorically? How will you use animation, interactivity, and real-time environments to bring these objects to life? Will this be a screen-based work? A mobile piece? A projected work? What sort of style or theme do you want your box to have? This piece is due in our final class week 14.
    • For next week: Do a sketch of a possible design for your Cornell Box. Begin to gather 3d assets and “storyboard” out how this Box will work.

Week 13: More Game Engines
Thursday: 12/01/22 | Wednesday: 12/07/22

Animating in Game Engines / More Unreal - lighting, cameras, animation sequences / cinematics / blueprints/ Exporting your Cornell Box

Complete your Cornell box. Be sure to document prior to class. Upload documentation. Be sure to include a reflection.

Final Project!

I want to describe a feeling that I got recently, which is that when I doing other projects in Pyphical computing and p5.js class. That’s a feeling that comes after we have an idea, and during the whole process, it seems that we know what we are going to do or going to create. But with technical skills, and pieces of advice from peers, advisors, and friends, the goal seems to get not so clear. ( Always feel some advice is good, but it will change the way we describe or how we express ourselves, so really easy to get confused!

So I create a black ball, which we all can tell there is something we know but do not really understand what it is. I think that our creations are also like that. We were getting close to our goal, but we didn’t know what it should look like or what it could be until we finished.

At the same time, I try to control the atmosphere to be contained in a peaceful feeling. I just think that if I put some objects to represent a specific story or feeling, it will be too direct. So, I want to create a scene and leave some space for the audience to feel and put their own stories in.

Also, during the week we were preparing for our final projects, I found the project that Keyi and Shiqing wanted to do interesting, so I jumped into their team and helped them to deal with the technical problem. In the process of creating this work, I found that we used a different way to express ourselves in this project.