Week 1 Assignment : A response to The Difference between Hearing and Listening

In this video, she tried to communicate the idea of the difference between hearing and listening. She said, "The ear hears, the brain listens, the body senses." From her perspective, hearing is a physical process, which means you hear something. Listening is more complex, including hearing and other activities in your mind, brain, and body. In other words, I would like to say listening is paying attention to hear.

At the same time, I think she also tried to(or she had devoted herself to) inspire everyone that not only the sound made by instruments and humans can be music, but we also need to consider the background and other possibilities. They got into the cistern to create more echo and reverberation. And I can also hear some unusual instruments make the sound like a metal knock on the other.

I think it is an excellent exploration of the field of music, like Duchamp's Fountain in Art; creating more possibilities can make the field more energetic and diverse. Even though it is impossible for everyone to agree with or like it, I still believe every creation has its audience and influence.

I think the concept is easy to understand, but her and the deep listening band's work gave us a vast space to focus on every detail sound and stay back to the whole experience, which reminds me a lot about the sound in my daily life. I felt it reawakened my awareness of subtle sounds and listened more closely.

Week 1


( 2 ) Recording / Collecting Sounds for a Sound Walk.

Week 1


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