Discursive Design

— cover design and layout

Design Director:  Chiao-Wei, Ho
Designer: Guan-Hao, Zhu/ Tuan-Ting, Huang/ Yi-Chun, Lan
Date:  2020 @ Digital Medicine Lab 


We believe the Taiwanese audience should know multiple design perspectives, and translating books can be the most helpful media.  The Chinese edition of Discursive Design can be used for design education, adding critical thinking, design fiction, and design practice into our culture.


Discursive Design invites us to see objects in a new light to understand more than their basic form and utility. Beyond the different foci of critical design, speculative design, design fiction, interrogative design, and adversarial design, Bruce and Stephanie Tharp established more comprehensive, unifying vision as well as innovative methods. They not only offered social criticism but also explored how objects can be. For example, be used by counselors in therapy sessions, by town councils to facilitate a pre-vote discussion, by activists seeking engagement, and by institutions and industry to better understand the values, beliefs, and attitudes of those they served. Discursive design sparks new ways of thinking, and it is only through new thinking that our sociocultural futures can change.

There are more than 600 pages, about 250 cases in the book, which means a considerate cost. To make the price affordable for students, we cooperated with the crowdfunding platform and sold the book at a much lower price before hitting store shelves. More than five hundred people funded our plan, and we raised 18,000 dollars; several people chose to donate these books to charities and some school libraries.

Crowdfunding Page:  https://www.zeczec.com/projects/discursivedesign


Cover Design:

Guan-Hao, Zhu
Yi-Chun, Lan
Editorial Design:

Guan-Hao, Zhu
Tuan-Ting, Huang
Yi-Chun, Lan
Yi-Ting, Tsai
Wan-Yu, Chen


Guan-Hao, Zhu
Tuan-Ting, Huang
Yi-Chun, Lan

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