Berkley Center Web Design

  • In this project, I worked on revamping the Berkley Center website to improve its overall appearance and user experience. My focus was on reorganizing the page structure, simplifying design elements, and making sure the content was easy to read. 

  • Over the course of six months, these improvements resulted in a 7.8K increase in visitors and a 20k boost in page views.

My Role
UX Designer/ Developer
HTML/ CSS/ WordPress
NYU Berkley Center
Paul Foster/ Shay Gaskins/ Steph Shyu/ Cynthia Franklin


Improve Readability

Cohesive Design

Responsive Design

Design Approach ① - Improve Readibility

I made several design improvements to optimize visual clarity and overall aesthetics:

① Increased spacing between elements 
② Soften sections divisions  

③ Reduce Content  
④ Consistent design elements

Design Approach ② - Reorganize content

I reorganized information into distinct pages based on their themes.
This allows each page to maintain a clear focus, making it easier for users to find and understand relevant content.

Design Approach ③ - Responsive Design

    • I started from the pages which were designed for physical event, which is the team directory for venture showcase. In this page, multiple participating teams could be featured, and most people will read the the content on their mobile.

Reorganize content & Responsive design

During a single day of the event, this page achieved remarkable user engagement, attracting over 500 users who generated more than 1000 pageviews. The primary content featured comprehensive information about the competing contestants, providing viewers with valuable insights into their backgrounds, achievements, and other relevant details.


Reflecting on this project, it was a pleasure to revamp the Berkley Center website, focusing on improving its appearance and user experience. Over six months, these changes attracted 7.8K more visitors and increased page views by 20k!

While I'm pleased with the outcome, there's always room for growth. Moving forward, I'd like to apply these design elements to other pages, ensuring a cohesive and polished look throughout the entire site.

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