Atlas Shrugged

— cover design

Design Director: Jia-Wei, Lai
Cover Designer:
Yi-Chun, Lan
Book Box Designer: Yi-Zhen, Huang
Client: Good Morning Press
@ DavidLai Workshop 


Atlas Shrugged
includes elements of science fiction, mystery, and romance, and it contains Rand's most extensive statement of Objectivism in any of her works of fiction. It is the 10th-anniversary version for publishment in traditional Chinese.


The book depicts the dystopian United States in which private businesses suffer under increasingly burdensome laws and regulations. Railroad executive Dagny Taggart and her lover, steel magnate Hank Rearden, struggled against "looters" who want to exploit their productivity. Dagny and Hank discovered that a mysterious figure called John Galt was persuading other business leaders to abandon their companies and disappear as a strike of productive individuals against the looters. The novel ends with the strikers planning to build a new capitalist society based on Galt's philosophy of reason and individualism.

Cover Design

The cover images of the three volumes are selected from the railway bridge, the city mansion, and the sun symbolizing fascism in the story. I used a large number of golden lines to form sunlight that radiates outward on the three books. In the logotype, I create it with heavy and sharp strokes to respond to the story background.

The eternal question in the story is used on the inner cover design. The repetitive arrangement with hot silver processing blends the sense of metal into the constant questions from the public.

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