User Research

To understand more about the app’s user experience, I surveyed and interviewed people online and asked them to perform a few predefined tasks in the iOS app as I recorded their actions and took notes.

Some steps they did and the questions they asked.

The tasks:

︎Find your last class and review.
︎Find your incoming clas.
︎Find the lasted notification.
︎Find the message.
︎Navigate to teachers you saved.
︎Navigate to your purchase history
︎Access to the shorts video page.
︎Let’s go through the booking processes ( stop before you pay.)

What users had said:

“Uhh…I am a little confused.”
“Should I go to my profile first?”
“Is the notification here?  There is a number here.”
“Should I find the history and get into that class information?”

Analysis Questions

2x2 Matrix

These questions were found through user testing, and I used the 2x2 matrixes to prioritize them. This method helps me better understand how important these issues are to customers and the AmazingTalker company.

At the same time, it also helped me prioritize which problems to tackle first. After these steps, I defined the two pain points and proposed solutions.

Other Questions I asked:

︎How often do you take language learning classes?
︎When you do, what is your motivation for doing so?
︎What challenges do you face in the whole process? How does this make you feel?
︎Is there any way in which you feel these challenges could be resolved?

︎What do you want to see first as you open the app?

︎Which function do you use most or most useful?

︎Any thoughts or problems with the  experience?

Through these questions, I found that most of them are in two situations:
one is they have bought some sessions and stably taking the classes from their tutors,
and the other one is that they are looking for a new tutor. Based on these two situations, they have different purposes for using this app.

  1. When they have arranged many classes with their tutors,
    they care whether they can easily check the calendar, notifications, and teacher’s messages.

  2. When they want to find a new tutor,
    they care whether the teacher’s information fits their requirements.