A Box of Ocean

— sound interactive device

How long haven’t you pay attention to the sounds in your daily life? Collect the soft sound and let it stay with you when you in solitude.

Advisor: Ke-Rui, Zhang
Designer: Yi-Chun, Lan
Date: 2019

Yi-Chun, Lan
Yi-Chun, Lan

As a person who was raised in an island state surrounded by the sea, I can't be more familiar with the sound of the sea waves, which always makes me feel calm. One day, when I was lying on my bed, I found that I could make a reassuring sound by rubbing the quilt slowly. It stimulated me to transfer it into an object to stay with me.

In my childhood memories, I always collected my cherished toys and things into a small treasure box. Therefore, I also want to store this sound in a small container to accompany everyone in solitude.

How it functions inside

The upper part uses transparent plastic and lime to make a flow with light and shape. A microphone, speaker, and battery connect to Arduino in the lower part of the box. With a button on the box's surface, the device will record the voice if the user presses it. After few seconds, it plays the voice.